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Greenhouses & Solariums

At its simplest, a greenhouse is a regular indoor garden, but one with exponentially more possibilities and pleasures than an outside one. It’s not a stuffy uninviting hothouse. Rather, it’s a glass-enclosed garden plot from which you can have a choice of flowers, fruits and vegetables in-season and out-of-season, all year round.

A well-designed and placed greenhouse is not only functional but can be elegant too!The main difference between a greenhouse and solarium is that greenhouses are for growing all types of greenery, whereas solariums are for people. Although both let in plenty of natural sunlight for plants and people alike to bask in, a solarium also meets the basic requirements for a comfortable living space. It is designed to protect you from the winter cold, the summer heat, torrential downpours, gusty winds and heavy snow loads on the roof.

At Icon Exteriors Inc.  we build and install a full product line of the highest quality standard and custom greenhouses and solariums.